Is Buying a Kayak expensive?

kayaking across the lake

You should prepare a decent budget if you want to start kayaking. It’s not as cheap as other watersports such as surfing or bodyboarding for instance in terms of equipment costs. These costs have been largely driven down in recent years by mass manufacturer and many competing brands. Kayak’s however are in a similar bracket to SUPs as they are of a more bulkier size and therefore material costs are higher.

So how much can I expect to pay for a kayak?

Typically kayak’s cost anything from $1,500 for a single man kayak or more than $2,000 for a double man kayak. Of course, you can always buy second hand if you’re looking to save a bit of cash. If you’re doing this be sure to check for holes and damange on both the exterior and interior.

Different Kayaks, Different Purposes

Of course, there’s different kayaks for different purposes. There are: touring, fishing, whitewater rapids, sea, sit-on-top, recreational and tandem kayaks. If you’re a beginner and just want to use the kayak for fun you should be looking at something that offers good stability. An inflatable kayak might be most suitable for you, if you want something that’s affordable and easy to get on with. Inflatable kayaks have actually been developed over the years, and the latest ones do the job very well.

Trusted Brands

There are few good, reputable brands to look out for when you come to buying your kayak. Pelican and Cobra. Wilderness Systems, Valley Kayaks and Seda produce quality sea touring and racing kayaks in a variety of styles. Liquid Logic, Dagger and Perception build superior whitewater boats.



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